Book Review: #famous

A summary of my reactions to #famous

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I honestly believe that readers who appreciate Rainbow Rowell and Stephanie Perkins would be hard-pressed not to love #famous, and here’s why:

Rachel and Kyle are equally adorable yet distinct people. It’s incredibly difficult to write dual POV that feels nuanced, but the MCs in #famous both have such vibrant personalities. I fell in love with them both in totally separate ways. Plus, they are super relatable. I swear, half that things that happened to Rachel in middle school also happened to me.

The side characters are SO GOOD. It’s even more rare to find a book with such compelling side characters. I want Monique to be one of my best friends. Emma is ridiculously complex in the best of ways. Ollie is a complete sweetheart, and I wish that more high school boys could be like him. THE PARENTS. Oh my gosh, they jump right off the page. Rachel’s mom’s dinner table talk is particularly hilarious: “Tell me one way you expressed yourself today.”

 It feels current. I admire any writer who can be so “on the pulse,” and I think that #famous really captures the social media moment it’s in.

It moved me in all the ways that I wanted it to: mostly, my mouth in the direction of a smile. That sounds so cheesy, but if you read this book, you’ll get what I mean. And YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ THIS BOOK.

Other things: it’s body-positive; it anti-cattiness; and it’s generally just really fabulous.





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