Book Review: The Weight of Zero

My heart! Oh, my heart. This book has completely stolen it. Please believe me when I say that the hype surrounding THE WEIGHT OF ZERO is completely deserved.

giphy (55).gif

Before I even jump into the storyline, can we just step back for a moment and admire that glorious cover? Have you admired it? Okay, good…

It would be easy to condense this review and say that THE WEIGHT OF ZERO is about a girl with bipolar disorder. And yeah, that’s true. But it’s about so, so much more than that. It’s about family and guilt and friendships and fights and bullying and love, love, love. Catherine’s voice is perfect. If you liked Hazel’s narration in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, then you’re in for a big treat with this book. And again, it is an exploration – and a damn good one – into mental health, but THE WEIGHT OF ZERO is still for any reader who wants to dive into the tumultuousness of teenage life.

Also, can Nonny be my grandma, please? K, thanks.

I’m urging you to put this book on your TBR pile, because you really don’t want to miss it.

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