2018 (Non-YA) Reading List

Hello, hello!

Before the new year, I spent a great deal of time going through my bookshelves and picking out the (non-YA) books that I’m desperate to read this year. Not that there’s anything wrong with YA! Of course not! But I do read a lot of it, while neglecting other genres.

So here, in no particular order, are the twelve adult books I’ll absolutely be reading this year; hold me to it!


Norse Mythology 

I am super embarrassed to admit that I’ve never read any Neil Gaiman! But I am obsessed with Norse mythology. This book arrived from my grandmother on Christmas, and it is SO PRETTY.

Oryx and Crake

I watched The Handmaid’s Tale and Alias Grace this year, and I’d like 2018 to be the year of Margaret Atwood, too.

Stone Mattress

Ditto above. And it’s short stories! Great before bed.


The Round House

Louise Erdrich is one of my favorite writers. I started The Round House a year ago and had to put it down because of work (debut year, hello, stress). I’m ready to pick it up again, because the first half was beautiful!

Wuthering Heights

Another famous writer I’ve never read! I was inspired by Lucy Powrie, who is running the Brontë Book Club in 2018.

Lab Girl

This is my first read of 2018, and I’m massively enjoying it thus far. The author writes about botany and geology and life so vividly.


A Dog’s Purpose

I will read anything with a dog on the cover.

Inside of a Dog

I will read anything with a dog on the cover.

The Miniaturist

Gah! It’s been so long since I bought this, and it’s been STARING at me the whole time, with it’s sparkly blue cover.


The Versions of Us

Comparison title is One Day, a favorite of mine. Sold.

The Golem and the Jinni

This was recommended to me by a trusted bookseller at my favorite indie, his favorite book that he read in 2017. Again, sold!

A Night to Surrender

Both Alwyn Hamilton and Rachel Lynn Solomon recommended this to me over Instagram as the book to read if you want a solid romance novel.

And there you have it! Twelve adult books on the list. And infinitely more to be added over the year, I’m sure.