Leonard (My life as a cat)

A wise, funny and moving story of what it means to find a family, from the best-selling author of I, Cosmo.

Leonard has never had a name. Or a body. Or a best friend. But he is excited to try being a human.

On their three-hundredth-birthday, every alien from Leonard’s home galaxy gets to spend a month in the body of an Earth Creature. Leonard was supposed to become a forest ranger in Yellowstone National Park—but there was a mix-up.

And now he’s stuck as a stray cat.

Luckily for Leonard, he meets a young human called Olive—and together they set out on a journey to find home.

“Bursting with compassion and gentle comedy, this adorable tale from the author of former Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month I, Cosmo relates how a three hundred year old alien accidentally ended up in the body of a cat – and what happened afterward . . . Gently surreal and thoroughly charming.”


A Waterstones’ Best Children’s Fiction Book of 2020

A Books for Topics Best Book of the Year

One of The Scotsman‘s Best Reads for Autumn

One of Waterstones’ Best Books for 9-12 Year Olds

Autumn 2020 Season Highlight in The Bookseller

“I love Sorosiak’s I, Cosmo, and this story of hope and home—with just a touch of ‘E.T.’—has just the same feel-good appeal.”The Bookseller 

My Life as a Cat . . . is by turns hilarious, moving and eye-opening, providing a thought-provoking impression of our world from a character on the outside looking in.”—Sarah Mallon, The Scotsman

“In this heart-warming, funny and thoughtful novel, Carlie Sorosiak immerses herself once again in the mind of an animal. Neither Olive nor Leonard fit in to the world well; both are masking, pretending to be ‘normal’ so others don’t harm them. Olive’s anxiety about being ‘weird’ and her fear of being seen and judged by others are powerfully conveyed. Leonard’s emotional journey from alien to part of the family is moving. The story carries warm messages about making your own family, the wonder of being weird, and the importance of friends.”BookTrust

“An alien hurtles toward Earth, expecting to shape-shift into human form and work as a Yellowstone park ranger until his scheduled rendezvous for departure. Instead, his shape is decidedly catlike, and his landing spot (a tree in South Carolina) is way off target…Readers will particularly enjoy Leonard’s distinctive first-person narrative, sprinkled with an alien’s refreshing observations about the language, habits, and idiosyncrasies of Earth’s two- and four-legged inhabitants…Often amusing and occasionally moving, this imaginative chapter book is never less than fully engaging.”—Booklist (starred review)

“Readers will delight in his feline-out-of-water wonder . . . Leonard is a witty, inventive and wonderful tale that encourages readers to step back and see the beautiful picture painted by our interrelated world. It invites us to appreciate the marvelous in the mundane, and to take a closer look at the animals we encounter, just in case they’ve got something important to say.”—BookPage (starred review)

“This charming story . . . [is] perfect to hand to young cat lovers. Leonard’s surprise at, and observations of, life in a cat’s body is spot-on and frequently very funny.”School Library Journal

“Humanity isn’t just for humans in this earnest, heartfelt story . . . A comforting read about connection and compassion.”—Kirkus

“Wonderful, charming, funny, and heartwarming.”—Katie Tsang, best-selling author of Dragon Mountain

“The voice is so funny—imagine Sheldon from Big Bang Theory being an alien cat and you’re sort of there. Heartfelt and heroic—ifI, Cosmo was a dog with the soul of a dancer, this is a cat with the soul of a park ranger!”—Ross Montgomery, acclaimed author of The Midnight Guardians

“Life on Earth is not what Leonard imagines, and he has no idea how to be a cat, but his relationship with Olive teaches him all he needs to know about human relationships and love… the tension keeps you reading, and persistence will repay the reader in abundance, with Sorosiak giving you an objective analysis on elements of life that are easily taken for granted.”The Irish Times

“So utterly special, absolutely soaked through with love not just for cats but also for everyone with a soul. Found family in every single sense of the phrase. Carlie Sorosiak is a wonder.”—L.D. Lapinski, acclaimed author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

“Clever and funny and heartwarming.”—Katherine Doyle, award-winning author of The Miracle on Ebenezer Street

“An incredible heart-warming story, with a wise cat protagonist you can’t help but fall in love with. My Life as a Cat is a beautiful tale, reminiscent of E.T.—LoveReading4Kids

“Utterly heartwarming, funny, sweet, compelling!”—Catherine Bruton, award-winning author of No Ballet Shoes in Syria