Roar like a lion

Life can be tricky. You have school, homework, hobbies and friendships to juggle . . . and all the time you’re trying to work out what sort of person you want to be. Do you know who can help you? A lion. A koala. Even . . . a wombat. Animals have so much to say about how to be brave, confident and kind. So step into the wild, listen to the animals around you . . . and learn how to be the best YOU you can be!

“Full of heart, wisdom and humour . . . packed full of inspiration.”—Hannah Gold, Bestselling author of The Last Bear

“Incredibly sweet and funny . . . so gentle, so generous, so kind and calming.”—Ross Montgomery, acclaimed author of The Midnight Guardians

“Charming and beautifully illustrated . . . Full of facts and remarkable true stories, wise and uplifting.”—Fiona Noble, The Bookseller

“Inspirational, uplifting and an utter delight. Roar Like a Lion will give pleasure and confidence to all animals who read it, both young and old. A great family book to read together.”


Editor’s Choice, October 2021, The Bookseller

One of the Top Ten Titles Not to Be Missed, The Bookseller, Autumn Children’s Buyer’s Guide

Roar Like a Lion is just a joy – a book that’s both empowering and entertaining. Carlie Sorosiak starts with a simple idea – if animals could talk, what advice would they give us? – and develops this with her trademark wisdom, warm-heartedness and humour into a book that honestly makes me smile every time I think of it. Katie Walker’s stylish artwork complements the text perfectly and helps make this a very special book which we couldn’t be more proud to publish.”—Liz Cross, DFB Publishing Director

A note on sources from the author: When I set out to write Roar, I was particularly inspired by Peter Wohlleben’s The Inner Life of Animals. It’s an excellent book, and you should definitely check it out if interested! In Roar, the phrase “survival of the friendliest” is also a book title by anthropologist Brian Hare and writer Vanessa Woods. If you’d like to read any of the sources from Roar, a handy set of links is available below. Please note that some of the sources might not be appropriate for all ages. Thank you!